Kath is a breathworker, writer and producer.

Kath has explored, studied and practised different healing modalities since her teens. Among others, she completed Sivananda Yoga Teacher Training in India and Reiki to level 3, Master level. At age 30 her aunt, who has been a Rebirthing practitioner for 40 years in Florida, took Kath to a Kundalini yoga session one morning and then a group Rebirthing session in the afternoon. It was on this day, from these incredible experiences using the breath in very different ways, that Kath knew she wanted to learn more about the breath and its potential for healing. 4 years ago, Kath became immersed in the Rebirthing technique as a very powerful part of her own healing journey. The breath has since been her trusted ally through very challenging times of depression and anxiety, and into finding her voice - her creativity and sharing it - once more.

Keen to share breathwork with adults, young people and children, Kath has been doing the fantastic training with the Air School of Breathwork for 4 years and will graduate soon. She loves doing one on one sessions with adults and young people, and has enjoyed assisting in group breathwork sessions, including at festivals. Recently, she has been assisting her sister and her aunt in online group breathes. She co-founded Breathe, A Festival of Life, a beautiful, annual gathering in Dorset, that invites breathwork practitioners of all styles and breathers of all levels to share the experience and benefits of breathwork. Kath is part of the International Breathwork Foundation's 'Breathing Classroom' programme which offers free training for schools and other settings in how to make breathwork a daily practice in the lives of the children, young people and adults they care for. Kath has recently done the IBF's 'Conscious Breathing for Trauma Recovery' training and is sharing this simple technique with people, and also aims to deliver training in this breathing technique to individuals and groups more in the future. Kath has found this an amazing daily breathing practice personally, to help us through and stay grounded during these challenging and often wobblyfying times we are in.

Kath's passion and interest in using the Healing Arts and the Arts for personal transformation and social change has seen her collaborating in many projects over the years for children, young people and families in the UK, Europe and also India. This includes festival production, community arts and education project management, and facilitating in young people's projects. She had the great privilege of working with many organisations, groups, schools, venues and artists. 


Kath loves writing and has always had a pen and pad in hand. She also loves taking and sharing photos.


Now, Kath is the mother of an awesome 9 year old boy. This path of motherhood has been by far the steepest learning curve and deepest healing journey. It has allowed her a colourful understanding of the wonders, opportunities and challenges of growing up and parenting in the world of today. It has brought her forever closer to the person she was meant to be in the world.  

Kath would like to use her skills, talents and experience to contribute to the well being of people and our Mother Earth. She wants to help inspire others, as she has been inspired, to Breathe Our Word - to be who we are, just as we are, every step of the way and to be who we were meant to be in a world that needs us to be, each and every one of us.

In the words of Mawlana Jalal-al-Din Rumi:

“God picks up the reed-flute world and blows.
Each note is a need coming through one of us,
a passion, a longing pain.
Remember the lips
where the wind-breath originated,
and let your note be clear.
Don't try to end it.
Be your note.

I’ll show you how it’s enough”